A Smart Growth Vision for Pflugerville

Smart growth dream will give you nightmares.
Title of article by Chris Fiscelli.

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Government officials and consultants may have visions of what the future will be like. Ordinary citizens may have nightmares about a city where all of the vacant land would be built up with apartments and townhouses. The downtown, in turn, would be revitalized with narrow congested streets, wide sun-baked sidewalks, and multistory buildings with pretentious ground-level boutiques and lofts above, where few people would want to shop or reside. In the remaining subdivisions made up of single-family homes, the backyards would be crowded with granny flats.

But, hey, I'm just kidding, folks! Nevertheless, many of these changes could take place if this is what enough people want.

For an example, see "Controversial 'Granny Flats' Bill Crawls through California Legislature" in Smart Growth Online.

In Chapter 2 of the SH 130 and SH 45 Corridor Development Strategy Final Report, look for the "Characteristics & Concepts" subsection of the "Traditional Neighborhood Development (TND)" section. Here it is set forth that the placement of granny flats in a TND is considered to be appropriate.

Also see "Comprehensive Planning Fails Again - This Time in Dallas", in Fireballs, Lightning Balls, and Hell Storms, April 13, 2008.

Is vertical mixed use what anyone really wants?

More about this: "Mixed-Use Developments Often Struggle to Fill Retail Space" by Steve Brown in The Dallas Morning News.

Still more about mixed use: "Why There Aren't More New Urbanist Developments" by Tony Gattis, Houston Strategies, July 19, 2008.

"Mortgage Crisis Creeping into Commercial Sector" by Matt Apuzzo, Austin American-Statesman, November 29, 2008, page B7. This article is available for reading here under a different title in a Road Runner page.

Some arguments in support of conventional suburban development can be found in "Smart Growth Concepts Not Oriented Toward Consumers" by Samuel R. Staley (January 1, 2000).

Here is a history of suburbs in the United States: "The Suburbs" by John R. Stilgoe (American Heritage Magazine, February/March 1984).

"Apartment Nightmares in New York" by mattfriedinNY.

"Smart Growth Dream Will Give You Nightmares" by Chris Fiscelli, June 30, 2003.

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