A Fraser Institute Report about Planning in Vancouver, B.C.
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A 42-page Fraser Institute Report written by Randal O'Toole entitled "Unlivable Strategies: The Greater Vancouver Regional District and the Livable Region Strategy Plan" was published on October 2, 2007.

In the report, O'Toole has concluded that the Livable Region Strategy Plan, which was developed for the Vancouver area and published in 1996, has in its implementation actually made Greater Vancouver less livable.

The plan appears to be an example of a Smart Growth approach to growth management.

A brief summary of the report can be found here.

The entire 42-page report can be found here.

A Visit to Vancouver Was Made in October 2008

The Annual InterCity Visit conducted under the auspices of the Austin Chamber of Commerce for 2008 was made to Vancouver, B.C., Canada. Cities visited previously were San Diego, Portland, and Denver.

For more commentary about smart growth in Canada, see "Smart Growth: Threatening the Quality of Urban Life" by Wendell Cox, February 2004.

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