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Can we expect to experience more increases in the incidence of crime in Pflugerville?

Read "American Murder Mystery: Why is crime rising in so many American cities? The answer implicates one of the most celebrated antipoverty programs of recent decades." by Hanna Rosin (Atlantic Monthly, July/August, 2008).

Also see "Pflugerville Sees Crime Spike" by Melissa McGuire (KVUE News, November 5, 2007).

ToughTarget. This is a direct link to a Brinks crime prevention video made available on the City of Pflugerville website.

Crime in Cedar Park: "Cedar Park Officers Cracking Down on Crime 'Hot Spots'" by Jessica Vess (KVUE News, August 7, 2008).

A Recent Study: "An Evidence Based Approach to Crime and Urban Design" by Bill Hillier and Ozlem Sahbaz, March 2008.

About Crime in Apartments: "What Renters Think About Apartment Crime" from Apartment Living (June 7, 2007).

About a Proposal to Replace Crime-Ridden Apartments with Single-Family Homes: "City Considers Buying Crime-Ridden Apartments" by Mary Stewart (Fort Worth CBS 11 News, June 4, 2007).

Crime Targeting Automobiles: "25 cars broken into in Pflugerville" by Ellen McNamara (Austin News KXAN.COM, November 21, 2008).

Not very far away off of Dessau Road: "Two Men Die in Northeast Travis County Shooting: Police believe killings, which happened with children in the home, were drug-related" by Mark Lisheron, Austin American-Statesman, January 9, 2009.

This happened at the intersection of Pecan Street with FM 685: "Man Arrested for Cocaine Possession," The Pflugerville Pflag, January 8, 2009.

Arrest in Pflugerville: "Police: AWOL Washington Soldier Charged with Rape Arrested in Pflugerville," by Patrick George, Austin American-Statesman, January 16, 2009.

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