Zoning for the SH 130 and SH 45 Corridor Areas

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In 2006, the City Council appointed a committee to work with a consultant, Wilbur Smith Associates, to establish principles for guiding development along SH 130 and SH 45 in Pflugerville. This led to zoning regulations crafted specifically for the corridors.

Three of the zoning districts established for the corridors are Suburban (Level 3: CL3), Urban (Level 4: CL4), and Urban Center (Level 5: CL5). These districts correspond to the suburban, general urban, and urban center zones listed in the page entitled "The SmartCode" in the "SmartCode Central" Web site .

The Highland Park Industrial Special District designated for some of the land just west of Highland Park North is an example of a corridor district that corresponds to the special district category listed in "The Smart Code".

The final zoning regulations for much of the corridor land were formulated with the aid of the IPS Group and include form and use elements. For an introduction to form-based coding, see "Form First" by Peter Katz (November 2004).

The City of Pflugerville Web site has more background information about the corridor zoning at "SH 130 & SH 45 Corridor Development Strategy".

To find important details about the corridor zoning, go to this Franklin Legal Publishing Web page, then
Click on the Pflugerville folder icon,
Click on TITLE XV: LAND USAGE folder icon,
Click on CHAPTER 157: ZONING CODE folder icon,
And finally click on 157.542: SH 130 AND SH 45 CORRIDOR DISTRICTS.
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